Well, life is having countless dimensions. One proliferates while leading to many other. When I say this website is about life and especially my life, it implies sprouting of the questions on the canvas of my life, people who came across me to either make or damage my courses, lessons I got, agonies I underwent in one way or the other. The website also opens windows to my soul that whispers on the shoulders of silences within and without. Here you will meet the Nature in many of its phemenons on my way to life, my spectacles seeing and looking at the issues and problems of life. You will see the bitterness of life of a layman living in the den of ignorance, poverty, and many other unspoken realities. Thus it would be a voice for those who want to speak up but cannot due to the visible and invisible chains of society. Macro and micro of life together at one platform, I mean to say. Voicing others, no matter effective or not, does have value, I believe.

My views, experiences, and opinions are individual, no doubt. They are not a verdict. But voicing out is better than burying your heart and mind into the grave of silence. Yes or no?

Your responce, criticism, and participation into this website would mean a lot. Definitely you have seen many faces of life around you and you will love to see many others hidden from the generic eye. Let us look at them and bring to light, the day light.