7th Annual Innovation Summit at Punjab University, Lahore

March 7 and 8 of 2018 were the days when I entered the world of innovation to witness the journey from invention to the innovation at Punjab University of Lahore. It was 7th Innovation Summit where students from all universities of Pakistan participated with their ideas, innovations, and contributions. Every innovation was unique in impact and contribution towards society. Gigantic effect of the innovative ideas like making medical devices for the cardiac patients connecting with their doctors, working for the transgender community, making alternate raw material for paper industry and stopping the people from deforestation made my day. Surprising it was! Alma maters from all across Pakistan created a wonderland where the ” tiny Elice”, called Saima Ashraf felt lost for a while.

100 stalls of students from different universities with their innovative technologies, Apps, and devices were on the display. Such a huge number of entrepreneurs in Pakistan! What a great nation! Innovative minds and technologies joined hands together and the universities canopied the students with a platform to display their innovations and ideas. It was more than wonderful. Well done ORIC!

These two days opened the doors and windows to new horizons of technology and advancements as well as it networked the stakeholders from all walks of life. The entrepreneurs and investors stepped ahead to bring pragmatic changes in society. Ideas and sponsors joined hands and new technologies will generate new wonders in the coming months and years.

Winner of Innovation Summit 2019

The most interesting thing was the “emergent” innovation by the ORIC, UMT. Since there was no wheelchair available for me, ORIC, UMT made a “Chair with wheels” a “wheelchair” for me. It was fantastic! Summing up, the Innovation Summit opened new horizons for everyone who was there and especially me. The idea of a wheelchair with an auto will be the winner of the Innovation Summit 2019. That is what I got of it!

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