A Mom from Chicago kills her disabled daughter

Well, the news is heart-piercing. A mom from Chicago killed her daughter as the daughter was severely disabled. Bonnie Liltz, the mom killed her daughter just because she was sick and unable to take care of her disabled daughter. Reportedly, she committed suicide after being sentenced but the daughter would never come back. Another news from Basti Malook near Bahawalpur, Pakistan reports a father killed her daughter as the latter was blind as well as had her legs paralyzed. The culprit argued that the mom of the killed girl had died a few months before and he was unable to manage her. Killing someone with disabilities is such an easy job. Right?

Equally painful. Disappointing. Horrible.

So the sufferings of the disabled are the same no matter they live in the developed regions of the globe or are dragging the caravan of their breaths in the slums of less developed and poor zones around the globe. Not to talk of their micro-level troubles, macro-level issues of the disabled are their financial, medical, and social support to live their own life. A person who is badly dependent even for his basic needs on family members is terribly vulnerable to horrible consequences like an outcast, isolation, and even murder.

If you are parents of a disabled child, my request to you is to own your child. He/She needs your love, attention, and care. Make them as confident, independent, and comfortable with their disabilities as you can. Make sure you leave them in a very good condition and status; they are equal citizens of your country if you own them, the society will embrace them. How can your society own them if you do not own them as they are? You are the basic need of your disabled child. Do not deprive them of their basic right. You have the most affectionate hands, you are to protect your disabled child from the atrocity of the system and society. Do not convert them into killing hands.



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