Winter, Coffee, Pen, and the Desert…!

Winter is a mentally rich season for me; shorter days, the most wanted sunlight, the sun running fast to the lap of the west, longer and even the longest nights, steam waving up from the mug of coffee, tick tick sound from the wall clock informing the passage of another year, smog or fog out there, tiny water drops on window panes, the dry fruit inside, the furnace burning in a corner, desert sprawled over miles around, and a pen….. What a combination! Rich!! Meaningfully silent, silently meaningful!!!

So another year is on the verge of ending. Another year layered up on the dune of life. A bunch of thoughts is written on the wall of the silence. Lot of work is yet to do, big things in the pipeline, even wait for a good time is waiting. A long list of big tasks takes the toll of petty issues, micro thingies, and minute details, yes, it is not good but it is a reality. We need to sacrifice small things to reach bigger things.



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