Pakistani Freelancers make up Gigantic Online Market of the World

Information technology has redesigned life patterns. Every walk of life has been reshaped with internet and information technology. The web world has revolutionized the job market as well and jobs have been converted to online instead to of typical and brick and mortar offices. The young generation of Pakistan has warmly accepted this change and has said yes to it with their professional excellence and talents in designing, developing, coding, programming, writing, SEO, and other niches. That is why; Pakistani freelancers working only on Upwork make up such a big population of 0.214 million out of 4 million around the globe.

According to a report in 2013, Pakistan ranks fifth in the top ten freelancer nations of the world. It is more convenient for both employers and freelancers to work from homes and getting the best quality work and ensured payments respectively.

As of July 2013, Pakistan ranks fifth in the website’s top freelancer countries list, working 2.6 million hours out of a total 35 million hours on oDesk in 2012. Approximately 0.214 million Pakistani freelancers are registered with oDesk out of 4 million freelancers around the world.

 Matt Cooper, vice president of international enterprise for oDesk said: “The quality of projects delivered by Pakistani freelancers is on par with our top freelancer countries from around the globe. Pakistan ranks fifth on that list because Pakistani freelancers are regularly delivering quality work in a timely fashion on projects ranging from web design to blog and art jobs.
Desk freelancers include software developer Ovais Ahmed, who started his career as a freelance coder, developing webpages for clients around the world through websites and “However, if you’re searching for home-based jobs through lesser known websites, then you should thoroughly inspect their credibility first,” Ahmed advises

Online freelancing offer virtually limitless possibilities. Until the local industry proves itself to be more beneficial to local freelancers, people will continue using global employment markets to find home-based jobs in Pakistan.

Here is the glimpse of online work by spend over the last for quarters:

  1. India
  2. United States
  3. Philippines
  4. Ukraine
  5. Pakistan
  6. Russia
  7. China
  8. Bangladesh
  9. Canada
  10. United Kingdom

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