Martyrs of APS Peshawar pave the way to Peace with their Blood

apsExactly two years ago on December 16, 2014, it was a cold morning when mothers woke their sons up and prepared them for school. It was a usual day with the same routine practice of breakfast, finding socks and pencils, and getting late for the school van. But no one knew that the kids would never come back with their smiling faces and embracing arms. Some monsters in human masks infiltrated the building of Army Public School Peshawar (APS), Pakistan and attacked the students with guns and bombs. Students were attending a lecture on civil defense, they heard the sounds and voices of bullets fired, they thought it a part of their training but it was not training; it was their death that called them up.

The attackers  of Army Public School Peshawar blocked the exits of the hall and opened fire, they targeted especially the kids of officers in Pakistan army. The kids dropped down to save themselves from the killers but the killers had planned everything to kill the entire population of the hall. They were shouting and advising one another to kill all the students. Students, the unarmed, innocent souls!

Principal and teachers of the APS Peshawar had already embraced martyrdom while trying to save the kids from the attackers and now the little school children were at the mercy of death. Death was all around them. They were bleeding, crying, and trying to exit but death had surrounded them from all around. Before military rescue reached, 144 student had been brutally killed by the inhuman humans. Bags, shoes, books were scattered everywhere with blood on them. Dead bodies of students melted the hearts of everyone around the globe. Terror had taken its toll. Dance of death was over. 144 shining stars had been killed. Who can bring those stars back? Who can answer the questions of 144 moms  whose sons went to school and never came back?

APS attack paved the way to serious action against terrorists and military started Zarb e Azb to eradicate terrorism from the country and finally succeeded in curbing the terrorism within a short span of one and half year. Thus the blood of 144 kids became the message of peace and terror-free land for us. Salute to you little souls. We are indebted to you. Sure, we will never forget the day of December 16 when you gave your blood for the sake of nation. Yes, your blood runs in the veins of the state.

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