Misako Yasuhara Finds the Beauty of Life

misakoDiversity is the basic principle of nature. Everything since the times immemorial is born or made with its distinct identity, composition and variety. Mountains are composed with unique material, seas are the aggregate of countless waves together, earth consists of the layer under layers, air is made up of different molecules. And the micro picture of them is even more complex and intricate. Human being is the head of all creatures in the universe. He is born with the steadfastness of mountains, depth as those of seas, layer in the inward valleys of heart, multiple molecules in thoughts. Yes, a human is a mini universe in this huge universe. How can he be monotonous made in an assembly line style then? That is why; he is born with countless diversities in him and there are seven billion diverse people on earth. Misako Yasuhara is one of them and seeing her, I met the real beauty

Born with limitations, Misako Yasuhara lives in Osaka, Japan and becomes a beacon of hope and life for all those who are differently abled. She lives independently in a flat on a second floor, earns her own living and fights all hardships on tracks. She shows the pictures of her life style in Osaka where she manages her life from her wheelchair and derives the optimal beauty out of her toughness in life. Misako Yasuhara it was great to see you and despite lingual difference, all of us understood what you shared about your life (thanks to the translator young man). Feelings and hearts do not need same languages.

Again thanks to the Milestone that gives me a pride of being one of them and provides me opportunities to meet the real beauty of life demonstrated through beautiful people with golden hearts. Thanks Ali Hamza, Shafiq-ur-Rehman, Anam, and of course all precious people at milestone playing their part to make the lives of others easier.


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