A Beautiful Day with Taqwa at Milestone

baby-taqwa-2Life is full of assignments. Assignments that wear challenges. Every day dawns with new targets, aims, and achievements. And if people are born with or fall a prey to any physical or mental impairment, life gets even tougher. But is this toughness more powerful than we, the humans are? No. Never. We, the humans are more powerful than the challenges of life we face.  All of us are born with distinct talents and gifts. And I believe the people with any disability have more realization of those talents and divine gifts as their eyes also open inward as well as outward. They recognize their strengths and express them in their respective domains. Thanks to Milestone that gave me an opportunity to meet wonderful people with different abilities and talents in their live and contributing to the goodness of nation with their positive approach towards themselves. And a bundle of thanks to the 10 years old Taqwa who made my day with her superb smile and brilliant eyes.

Meeting Taqwa, you will feel the spark of life. The way she expresses herself, the way she looks at the bounties of life is really amazing. Sitting in her wheelchair, she has a commanding attitude with her confident tonality of life. She stuns the audience when speaks. That is why; I suggested to her mother to make her a consultant. Coming from a small city like Gujranwala, she talks to the delegation from Japan and shares her views and impression about Milestone that is playing a pivotal role in streamlining the people with disabilities. Love you Taqwa. Keep smiling and stay blessed always. You are a star!

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