August, the Month of Thinking what we are and should be

Green garbs are being worn by the media icons, wall chalking will is on the go, electronic and print media sings songs full of the love of motherland. Green flag will be hoisting on the buildings for the whole month. Salute of guns on border will warm up the hearts and souls for the moments. Schools, colleges, and other educational institutes will commemorate the day of independence from the dual slavery. All this is good and sounds cool to look at. Brave nations do celebrate their days of victory. Love of motherland is a part of our belief but this belief goes behind the curtains after passing 14 August and we, once again, turn to a nation with no dimension to head to. Zeal of 14 days will sit under a solace and once again, there will be bullish trends of corruption, dishonesty, unfair means, nepotism, and all what is venomous to the body and soul of the motherland. Sky-high promises of the political leaders on the fine morning of 14 will follow the malpractices contrary to what they actually are supposed to do.

Can we be Pakistanis when we are on the roads, working in every position we are born with or we are appointed at? Are we a nation when we are in streets, organizations, platforms? Nation is like a family. Are we a family?  We accuse politicians of being corrupt and insincere, are we ourselves sincere to the soil? Are we contributing to a healthy, happy, productive, and prosperous Pakistan? Pakistan has given us a name, caste, identity. What have we paid back to Pakistan?

Live long Pakistan.


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