Say No to Rejections: The Milestone of Life

Ali Hamza, reaching the milestone of life

The words of Helen Keller “It has been said that life has treated me harshly; and sometimes I have complained in my heart because many pleasures of human experience have been withheld from me…if much has been denied me, much, very much, has been given me…” echo when we enter Milestone. Life seems to be completely functional when a smiling boy opens the gait for me. A slim and smart girl reaches me with a register in her hands and asks me for registering my identity and purpose of visiting the place. After registering, she takes me to Ali Hamza, the representative of the organization who introduces me to the surprises in the organization. My impression about such organizations working for the differently-abled people is brushed off when I observe the staff teaching and demonstrating the lessons of life to me, to everyone who meets them. Yes, it was a surprise, a pleasant surprise.

Founded in 1993, Milestone is a great organization that spreads the message of hope and optimism. Unlike organizations running with donations and slogans and serving their own under the table agenda of earning, Milestone empowers the differently-abled citizens of society through independent lifestyle and positive approach towards themselves. Optimistic view is the first step towards life. Bounties of nature are bestowed upon all of us in different ways, in multiple patterns, in various dimensions. Milestone have recognized this fact. That is why; we see every staff member full of energy, life, and enthusiasm to face the hard realities of life at individual and social level.


Customized wheel chairs at Milestone

Milestone houses all citizens having physical and mental impairment of any level and transforms them into useful and active participants of society through proper training. It runs its manufacturing plant of wheel chairs for every limitation the differently-abled people have and customizes these wheel chairs according to the particular needs of these individuals. They are trained to live their own life instead of depending on others to make their living and thus, they are self-sufficient not only in their maneuvers but economically too they are satisfied. Milestone has customized its lavatories, kitchen, electricity, and pick and drop vehicles to fit in their need-frame.

Introducing sports for the special people is a distinction of Milestone making the organization efficient in creating sportsmanship in the members, making them taste the flavor of victory and audacity to lose the game. “Disability is a life style, not a shortcoming”, says Ali Hamza. Milestone teaches me how limitations are made a positive energy contributing to the overall health of society. “No, we are equal citizens and individuals, equally blessed, not more or less”, Ali Hamza corrects me. And I agree with him. Yes, all of us are equal, with variations.

20160808_141222Thank you Milestone for correcting me. Thank you Ali Hamza, Anam, Rizwan, and all members making big difference to the society and social norms. You made my day. And thank you Shafiq-ur-Rehman for opening the door of Milestone, the beauty on me.



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