Bir Bahuti/Aziz Vohti (Velvet Mite) is going extinct

Velver MiteCool breeze in the morning is blowing sweeping the sand of the desert away. Goats and sheep are on their way with their masters. Camels starting their journey into desert at night have reached their destination. Milkmen are stepping ahead to the nearby villages with their Gaagars (big-sized jars of brass or steel) of milk. Stray dogs are exhausted of the barking of whole night and are now snoozed and want not to be disturbed. Morning beauty of the sand is equally breath taking. Jasmin is spreading its enchanting fragrance in the air. Bir bahuti is creeping on the soft and cold sand of the desert.

Aziz Vohti (Bir Bahuti/Velvet Mite), a masterpiece of nature is on its way. Scattered here and there, Aziz Vohti is tiny spider with its velvety body. When it creeps on sand, beauty of the desert gets multiplied to those who listen to the fine tunes of desert. Every step comments on the sand of desert. Other alternate names of Aziz Vohti are Rani Keeda, Scarlet, Lady Fly,Sadhaba Bohu meaning Bride of the Sea Farer, Bir Baboti, Aarudra Purugu, and Queen Mite in different areas of the world. Aziz Vohti is the name Saima is in love with. My childhood asset.

It was a fun to find Aziz Vohty in the mornings and we children used to chase it without even touching it. It was walking beauty on the cold sand. Keeping it on our palm gave us a soft touch and then we left it on the sand so that it could reach its destination. It was pretty soft and delicate fun for us. Hundreds and thousands of velvet mites were on their way making the serene desert more meaningful enriched with beauty. There are people even now who remember the lovely bir bahuti in deserts; they will be missing her existence. Perhaps the stories of the childhood only can preserve such a beautiful creature of nature that has been put at stake due to ecological changes on the planet.  That velvet mite has gone with the unknown winds. Beauty has left for unknown destinations.

Leaving the palm of childhood, Aziz Vohty has left for the corridors of extinction. Perhaps her slow and steady journey is over. She had reached. But where? No one knows. She does not creep any more on the fine spread of sand over miles. She has left.  To some other place that is more compatible to her and valuing her soft beauty? No idea. She doesn’t look back to answer. Traveler will travel through the desert and definitely mourn over her absence but she is no more to listen. Extinction is such a cruel monster; it eats up even those harmless creatures that add beauty to the world. But the law of nature and ecology both matter. Traveler is on her way. No Aziz Vohty is seen over miles. Cool breeze of the morning is still blowing but alone! Nature is alone without velvet mite!!



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