What I wish you in the New Year

DSCN2039 (Medium)I have been so engaged in the past days that I could not find any time to stay in touch with you. I missed the New Year wishes by all those who care for me and for whom I care. Though it is too late but I am indebted to all of you for wishing me on New Year. You are very special for me. So instead of generalizing my message, I will like to personally thank you all and wish you all the best on earth. May the new year bring success, happiness and all gains in your life and make you say by the end of this year, “Yes, 2016 was a wonderfully blissful years in my life” and then the next year you have these words again and may it happen every year. Life is hard and tough. It is replete with negative things all around us. Try to pick only the positive out of these negatives and make your life brighter than ever. Keep yourself at an arm’s length from the people who hinder your happiness, even if they have good characters and do not hurt you. These are the people who are born with negativity embedded in them. So keep yourself away from such elements.

Make friends with those who please you, encourage you, and believe in your potentials. Do not make such promises you are unable to keep whether these promises are to others or to yourself. Better it is to make no promises at all. It will save you from disappointments. Make objectives and goals and spend your energies to get them without caring for falling and failing. Never give up. Do not deviate but it is better to deviate from your goals if they are not meeting their real purpose and you do not find any interest in them. Do only what you are interested in and you need it but something seems to be unwanted, leave it without any embarrassment. You are only one of your type in the world. So never compare yourself with the people around you. Do not envy, it spoils your energies and potentials. Never go for any favor based on excuses or sorry feeling like saying: “I apologize, I am unable to do this because…..” “He/She is better than me to do this but I cannot because…..” Even impossible has a ‘possible’ in it. You can do, you will, and you must. Just believe in you with no comparison with others.

On top of all, stay relaxed. If you are not getting things done right, wait and learn them. You will do that task no matter you get it done when it is too late. But you will get it. This is what I have put before me as my objectives for the New Year. Believe in yourself and take an energetic start with sincerity. May all our wishes, objectives, and dreams come true this year and remember that only we can make them come true. Life is full of bliss for those who have an eye to see.

Everything will be ultimately fine.* Say it thrice when you are surrounded by tough times.


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