Distance of closeness

DSCN1601 (Medium)Living under the same roof, I have seen many people who are thousands of mental miles away from each other. Parents, Brothers, Sisters, even couples share the same place in a same house. They not only hide their inner core but lie to each other too in order to show the normality of affairs. Compromise is one of the most bitter tastes I have ever witnessed in such cases. Once warm love relation gradually turns cold and even frozen, mutual understandings whisper away with the ravages of time, dust of years overlaps the beauty of relations and the distances crawl over centuries living under one roof!

Perhaps we are not confident enough to speak of our hearts as it can erupt lava of reactions or it will shake the tectonic plates of our ‘home ground’ leaving everything at sixes and sevens and the crack after this earthquake can bring enormous havoc to those who are close to us. Are we afraid of others or even ourselves? Can we dare to speak the words we want? Do those close relations make good listeners? If they do, do they understand you? If yes, ok, fine. If not, why? Is this what I call a distance of closeness that we share our inner feelings with our friends or like-minded ones but are just unable to share with the close one? Is it ‘closedness’ of the close ones that thrives us to go for outside exits?

Or perhaps fears of getting secrets unfolded snake up all around and the hearts are locked throwing the key into the sea of silence. And the silence reigns everywhere in our vicinity. Tick tick of wall clock in front of us and voice of our heartbeats is the only noise we hear around.

It was all what I perceived. What else is in your head to say on it?


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