Truth is Niche of the Niche, Buyers are only few

DSCN1455 (1) (Medium)How is hoisting the flag of truth where there is no audience or even viewer to appreciate and see it? When the market is selling something else, what is the proper place of a product that is obsolete? Preaching the utilitarianism and getting things done at every cost takes heavy tolls from those who are on the opposite pole. Those insane few are standing on an island surrounded by all waters of lies. Why do they not bury their voices from within and say yes to the outer world? What hinders them to accompany the whole lot and saturate their opinion? Is ”the road not taken” their philosophy which thrives them to go on the tracks ”less traveled by” or they are simply impulsive to go against the wind?

Not every commodity and every product is sold by the end of the day. Marketed products find their market and customers but the veiled truth remains unsold on the back shelves of that market. Either trashed or contaminated, this product sometimes echoes back to the real manufacturer in divine avenues. And then decades or even centuries unfurl the clandestine realities. Realities….. the truths…… that are said to be flying high up above somewhere but doomed to be down trodden on earth. Niche of the niche! Buyers are only few!!


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