Personal Branding helps you being on the make

brandingGone are the days when someone used to write a book and wandered the lengths of country to get it published. Hitting the right nail at the right time in a right way was a hard nut to crack as the brick and mortar needs demanded pragmatic involvement of the readers to buy, read, and analyze what had been written for them . That was why; the writers or any other entrepreneurs got themselves buried under the layers of “namelessness”. I know many names of poets and writers in my memory who lost themselves just because they had no reader at least in their lives. Being blessed with playing orchestra and wasting all tunes in a jungle is really painful. But now, the virtual colony of this world has connected the people in every nook and corner in the world. The wire of social media has answered this namelessness and personal branding is now flying on the wings of social media with the slogan that the sharing is caring!
What I call Brand
Well, my opinion is that every moment of your life is a ‘Brand’; whatever you do and say, whatever you plan, whatever you devise, whatever you dream, and whatever you act is a ‘Brand’ and it should be.! Your life is a brand as you are born as a human being with unique identity, features, talents, and capabilities. Yes, you are different from the 6 billion+ on earth. So, you are a Brand….!
Brand from within
The frontiers of the word ‘Brand’ start from within you. The moment you read yourself and recognize your inherent ‘YOU’, you become a brand. Be what you really are. Don’t go snobbish. You don’t need to outsource anything in terms of talents and virtues from others. You are only one of your type out of billions and there is no one like you.
To the outer world
Your strength from within is the gateway to shape your dream to the world and you take the floor with the repercussion of your dream.
Branding with Media
One picture of a person on the title page of a prestige journal or newspaper is published and the coming day dawns the news of a brand for the published. This is how the Psychology of the people travels. Same is the case with electronic media. Any role in a hit drama, movie, talk show or documentary is enough to breed what we call brand. All brand names in politics, showbiz, sports, and other walks of life were just laymen before they turned popular.
Personal Branding with Social Media
Well, personal branding on different platforms of social media is the tool of the day which has accelerated the journey of brand crawled overnight. To quote some:
One day you appear on your Facebook page and the next day you come up as a celebrity. Once you come into lime light, you need that page/s for the upkeep of your fame. All companies, celebrities from all domains, and individuals are following the practice.
Blue bird takes your message and flies across the world.. Millions of Tweets every day are contributing to the construction of brands for Twitter users.
Except sharing on Google Plus, Google has launched another splendid idea of G+ Communities. You can join as many Communities as you can and build your name in the world.
Two million plus professionals on Linkedin are a practically virtual platform to spread you as ‘YOU’. Joining the like-minded groups can outshine your brand name.
Pictures and photos on Pinteret are your spokesperson who creates your brand while you are asleep.



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