Problems faced by Community Cohesion

cohesionSo, the cohesion of the world embraces new implications in the emergent scenario on the horizon of the comity of nations and international relations have witnessed the wave of awe. Every community of the world has reached  the verge of apprehensions and fears and countries are home to the perils of terrorism with every passing day. No one can predict this monster of terrorism that can suddenly come up from any corner and start killing human beings regardless of their religion and region.
The bonding of communities together is a beautiful slogan which aims at uniting the communities having differences on the frontiers of races, cultures, languages and beliefs. No doubt, the idea is marvelous and the results are also desired. Community cohesion has done a lot for humanity in the regard of sharing the common features of different communities all over the world. Journey from the local to the international has successfully been covered through internet and information technology. True! It has done the wonders on international and local forums. But is it the picture pretty enough to be analyzed? Is it having only one side that is positive?
No,the answer is a big No.
Community cohesion has created some problems as well which must be addressed by the people who preached and implemented it. The biggest example of the community cohesion is UNO. Undoubtedly it has brought the comity of nations closer to one another but on the other side, it has many question marks on its slogans and practices. Has it materialized its dreams of equality,liberty and other human rights all over the world equally while there was a complete community cohesion on its platform? Every report comes back with burning questions.  Can it claim that its resolutions are respected, implied and practiced in the true sense? No. Instead, it has proliferated the differences on political, economic, and social fronts. Gap between haves and have nots has been widened, gulf between oppressed and the oppressor has gone deeper and wider. It has shadowed the difference between the Big and the Small, a prescribed hegemony!
Community does not necessarily mean that the communities mingling together are equally effective. Ultimately it paves the way to a “Win-Lose” situation. Similarly, if one community is stronger by any means, it creates “inequality” in the society. Core of the policy is a complex aggregate of wrongs done intentionally or unintentionally that drives every government either rail or derail the tracks. Shall anyone step ahead to get the new and desired upshot of this cohesion through peace, harmony, shared beliefs, integration replacing disintegration, and empathy?

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