‘Just a Minute’

watchEvery nation has its own tilts and tendencies driving it to an aggregate mode and mood. Common practices may lead to norms and we are used to say certain things without even considering what we are saying and what it really implies. ‘Just a minute’ in our life is a sentence never meant for a minute. In our society, we put someone on hold saying ‘just a minute’ and then this minute may extend to even hours. We forget about it and then promise another ‘minute’ ¬†and it becomes tomorrow that never comes.

In other words, we do not value time and wasting minute after minute is not a big deal for us. In our daily life, this sentence punches us only when we ourselves have to wait for that ‘minute’ otherwise everything is alright with it. While standing on a counter to pay bills, looking for change from the counter and waiting for someone to pick our phone call are those minutes which are rightly called the toughest ones otherwise all is well.

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