Google Page Rank lost its meanings?

prTwo years back, my page rank in the latest algorithms of Google jumped to 2 from zero when I was looking at dogs. Oh, that does not mean that looking at dogs is a prescription of PR increase in search engines. I was basically waiting a jump in my other website on dogs. But to my surprise I found my blog raised up quite unexpectedly at least I was not looking forward. After 8 months since last update, honestly, I thought Google may have altered its courses by passing some regions and zones and I was lying in any corner of such online region. Anyway my surprise is quite legitimate especially after 8 months of silence when the news of ‘no update in 2013’ was echoing in the cyber lanes. Same silence prevails even now by the way and the rumors in the cyber corners whisper that no PR updates will be entertained by Google.

An increase in PR means a lot for bloggers who strive to meet all parameters of Google to stay ‘in’ the virtual market that is full of competition with billions of websites. Competing with all those and coming on upper level is the biggest joy a blogger feels seeing the increase on the top left of his/her blog. Would you agree? But the change is the only constant. SEOs and webmasters spend plenty of time on worrying about Page Rank on the top left of their websites but Google has perhaps, planned to never come back with this first metric on SEO bar, the PR. Since last Google update in February and December 2013, you might have noticed it.

So, putting Page Rank in the shelf of forgetfulness, what will be other  parameters or algorithms to measure the performance of websites and SEOs? As far as, being an SEO writer, I can confidently say that SEO writing has witnessed tremendous increase in the last two years. What will be the measurements to weigh the content and websites? Will SERP substitute the Page Rank? Will Domain Authority be enough? Majestic Citation Flow and Trust Flow, a reliable metrics?  What do you say?

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