First Regular Slaughter of my Aesthetics

IMG_2855It is the tale of those days when water logging and salinity had not taken their toll and people were fond of gardening at homes. Kitchen gardens and floral tastes were alive in the wide courtyards. Desert had not turned barren. Me and my father were crazy for planting flowers at home and took pains to dig the earth, bowing seeds, and watering them in all extremities of weather. Our dedicated efforts brought fruits when we were proud of having flowers of almost all colors and fragrance at home. Except black or a very few colors in roses, we had all variety we could have in that desert. Neighbors and all acquaintance would come to us to get their functions adorned with flowers. We were glad to have such a large variety of flowers at a very little cost. Our mornings would smell sweet and the direction of wind took the message of fragrance even far. It was more than beautiful to look at the scene.

My maternal aunt came to see us and decided to stay with us for a couple of weeks. One day when I and my father were not at home, she lamented over our insanity and plucked all those flowers of different colors, put them into a jar, and mixed some sugar in it. When we, the insane came home, the jar was seen in the middle of courtyard under the sun. All aesthetics were dissolving into one color of ”Gul Qand” (flower jam), a paste made by the formula above used in herbal treatment of stomach. After two weeks or so, all aesthetics came up as 2 KG ”Gul Qand” and the insane did not try to get another Renaissance. After a couple of years, water logging ate up the land and now it is nothing save arid piece of land. That aunt visits our village even now but we have grown wise.

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