From the Village to Global Village

fanI am not trying to undermine the grand and sublime status of my home land but to the surprise of many, I belong to a village where life dwells in the den of stones. 10 KM west on the boundary of Rajhistan, Beekanair sector, this area prides to be a part of Pakistan falling under the premises of Punjab. Life here means only to get up in the morning, have breakfast, sit in verandas or the under the shadow of walls, getting busy in preparing lunch (in case you are a woman) or going to fields or a nearby school to teach (if the gender is reverse), another nap after lunch in the wake in the airy places of the homes, afternoons again waving hand fans in the long season of summer and nights blessed with cool air on the roofs or in courtyards…….this is the tale of 24 hours of that Pakistan! No electricity (even for days), no gas, no CNG, no industry, and even no basic facilities as the citizens of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Not only this, the area is abundant and self-sufficient in political and social hegemony of those who are in power or influence on any parameters. People are afraid of going out after Maghrib prayer (as the season of thieves and dacoits is almost hot all the year). Police is the only law enforcing agency that can be easily purchased or influenced as no thief or dacoits have ever been caught and brought to light. ‘‘Experts’’ pick up a trunk or heavy branch of a tree and block any road going through the desert and loot the travelers on motor bikes or cars.

Educated people, finding no way to utilize their degrees in hands, either leave the country or at least are inclined to quit the area. Stratification of all possible basis and forms, drugs of all levels and types are available for drug seekers. Plots and shops are very easy to occupy if you are wealthy and garlanded with political influence. Parliamentarians elected from the area never bother to come back after reaching the avenues of power in federal and provincial centers.

It takes more than 5 hours to enter the global village from the village and crossing the frontiers of ‘the village’, you can visit the global village, see the world around, and meet anyone sitting across borders. 5 hours can take you through the globe or back to the stones. Choice is yours!


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