See what Your Dear ones are doing Online


A girl from my acquaintance comes to me every evening with a purpose of learning English grammar and stays with me for two hours. After completing 12 years of education, she has entered the threshold of youth with glowing eyes, heart full of energy, and mind full of making plans. All that is fine. Dreams are the beginning of success in life, energy is the message of life, and making plans are a sign of hope and progress. But the irony is that what are the dimensions all these are heading to. She does not take any particular interest in her studies whereas all the time she looks worried about the boys who are online in that two hours’ period and she is unable to chat with them. She does not know the theme of poem she has learnt in her syllabus but she knows how to create ‘flirts’ on facebook.

”You don’t know how romantic he is! His dress is just marvelous. His side pose picture is really superb. And when he smiles, I can’t tell you”, she goes on. But it is not over here. ”I can’t bear with one flirt for more than two weeks; I add boys, chat with them, they go romantic and express their love. They long for me and ask for my picture. Should I give them any?”, she does not wait for my answer.

”Many of them have called me on dinner but my brother will never allow me to go out alone”, she cried under lips. ”No one at my home knows that I have a facebook account. They will kill me if they come to know about it”.

”Last night he asked me to get my camera on and show him my picture. If I don’t okay, he will expose my old facebook ID and photos to another boy whom I left. What should I do? He is asking me to see him in a hotel. I can’t go out though I want to”, her eyes welled up.

She left even without reading anything and I was left under the torrent of questions. Where are we going to? Is technology really a curse? Should there be an age limit to be free to see and say everything? Are the teenagers pitiable? Where are the sleeping parents who are unaware of what their offspring is doing online. Internet is a sea of knowledge and a monster at the same time. But who will check the separating boundaries between the two? Some two years back, Pakistan came up as number 1 country in the nude search on Google. Do the parents even know that technology has broken into their young sons and daughters?


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