What makes You a Writer?

IMG_0776Well, there are as many writers as there are people on earth but not all of them are aware of their talent. Every heart that feels is a writer. But only few among thousand step ahead into the arena of writing while the rest take this divine gift back to the pavilion of eternity. Domains and walks of writing can be different and can be distinguished on the basis of creativity, copying, story telling, poems, business, and many other niches but yes, all of us are born with pen.

Every writer has his own sources of inspiration. Some are moved by nature while to some, traveling grants energy of thoughts. Some are impressed by the words of others and some absorb words from the silences around them. Some go the sea to derive inspiration while some wander into the deserts sprawled over kilometers. In short, everyone has his own distinct food of thought.

Pursuit of nostalgia which goes along with me is at times an evening and at times it’s any place with the autumnal, winter face. I live in the corridors of the past and the avenues of the future which leaves me unable to cope with the present. Lols. Music becomes my hobby as I steal some time to foster it every day. Flying on the “Wings of Poesy” is again ridiculous as mathematically it brings no answer. I derive every inspiration from the words said and even not said. In fact ‘unsaid’ gives me more than the voices around. Weathers and seasons influence me and leave a compelling impact on me and I take my pen with me to write up

I love evenings and especially the evening with the dry leaves of autumn. Since childhood, the sound of falling leaves under my feet attracts me and the whooping sound of a fierce wind before the winter comes leaves me on the threshold of centuries. What inspires you to write? What makes you a writer?

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