Hummer H3 Car offers more Enriched Features

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Practically known as brother of Hummer H2, H3 is relatively smaller in size in comparison with other cars but offers more enriched features as it masters over the off-road toughness. So you can plan a hang out to even far off tracks in desolate areas if H3 Hummer is your companion. If you have a new Hummer, that is fantastic but if the used one is with you, it makes no remarkable difference. You will enjoy the bliss of a royal ride of these cars wherever you go. Vehicles are your style and style does matter. Features do speak up and cars verily define your fine tastes no matter new or used, SUV or sports cars. But Hummer cars leave all other vehicles behind; they win the hearts, you know. People who have used it, are strong advocate of it.

Hummer H3 hailed the market of 2005-2010 when sale of Hummer H2 was slumping. It was the right time when new version of this vehicle took the market which was replete with vehicles of many model, brands, and designs. With more enriched features, Hummer 3 rose hot on table of cars though it was not a military offshoot like H1. It featured in-line five-cylinder engine with 220 horsepower and 225 pound-feet of torque, decent mileage, V-8 Alpha, 0-60 mph at 10.3 seconds, and fuel economy of 20mpg. It makes Hummer stand out among other vehicles in the same niche.

Five-cylinder model of Hummer H3 strikes the buyers even today and the American people love Hummer series especially Hummer 3 for their off-road drives. Its sale is not down. Style and elegance are always on hot sale. Which car are you driving these days? Which version of Hummer is in your garage? SUV or any other vehicle for your off-road adventures? Brand new or used version? What is new in it making it distinct among other cars?

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