Another October Earthquake jolts Pakistan with 8.1 on Richter scale

earthquakeMeasured 8.1 on Richter scale, an earthquake shook the very foundations of the whole country today afternoon on October 26, 2015. It reminded of the earthquake 10 years back in October 2005 when a horrible earthquake jolted the whole country with an irreparable loss of 80,000 human lives and countless financial and infrastructure loss. Current seismic wrath was though severe on Richter scale, but fortunately, death toll remained very low in comparison with the one in 2005.

240 deaths and 1300 injured have been reported so far in different areas of Pakistan while KPK, being near the epicenter in Hindukush is on top of casualties. The number of both can go high because there are many hilly areas which have been blocked due to land sliding and rescue teams are finding it hard to access these areas. Snowfall in these areas is another trouble for already suffering masses. Chitral, Swat, Deer are the are districts which are showing increasingly high number of deaths and wounded. Military, government, and philanthropists are in action to relieve the affected but the catastrophes do take their toll.

Tectonic plate of northeast Afghanistan has shaken the region across southeast Asia affecting Pakistan, India, Bangla Desh, and Dubai. The epicenter is reported to be 213 km deep and 70 km southeast of Fayzabad, a far off areas of Afghanistan in the Hindukush range while its shock waves have shaken the region.

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