Statue of Liberty where Liberty dwells 354 Stairs high

Statue of Liberty

Well, liberty takes many turns and high head of the Statue of Liberty witnesses the diversified meanings, implications and connotations of the word liberty. Dimensions change these connotations when and where needed and new definitions embrace the world where liberty means differently in islands, deserts, hot, and cold areas of the world. Thus, temperatures too are determinant of the new implications and implementations of liberty.

Under National Park Service and designated as national monument in Liberty Island of New York, the Lady in Statue becomes the message of democracies and freedom. Standing before the Statue of Liberty at New York Harbor, torrent of questions surround the visitor whose tour to US is incomplete without it and who is asked to pay for reaching the feet of Liberty, lols. Yes, liberty takes the toll though it be in the form of statue. Symbolizing freedom, liberty, and enlightenment, the Statue stands 354 stairs high….Liberty dwells in high echelons!

Tour of the Statue of Liberty in New York is of great interest if you bag the memoirs from history with you. History says that France gifted the Statue in 1886, thus, it was gifted, not derived or attained liberty. An interesting thing about this national monument is that 879 shoe size of Lady Liberty fits all……emperors, presidents, prime ministers, martial law administrators, male and female premiers of the world. National Park Service is doing really great job.

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