Someone listen to the Street Children

childYou may disagree but the realities and figures from our society are telling bitter stories and I am thinking on the topic from the other side of this picture.  Should our syllabus include sex in the Onslaughts of media and online global world are the talk of the day but this is the tale of those nights when these two monsters had not yet broken into our ethical walls. Nadeem was sexually abused when he was 12. A policeman approached him at night when he was sleeping on a foot path. Law enforcing man enforced his own law on him and a life was dragged to darkness. Nadeem, now 19, scratches his memories:

“It was just the third night I slept on a street when a policeman picked me up and did bad things to me. I cried a lot but no one came to help me,” and

‘’It was repeated by a street gang who, then, forced me to join ‘the gang of 17 boys’ whose mission was to increase the vicious circle of sin in the dark”. By 14, He had become a super active sex worker in his target market. He was given a mobile phone to attract and bring ‘clients’.

Root of the problem is not one. It starts from home where illiteracy, large number of sibling, and poverty prevail and parents are bound to earn livelihood. Broken homes are another stream of increasing street children. Begging and wandering in the slums is a question mark on the religion practically implemented at such places. 170,000 street children is an embarrassing number for a nation that claims to be Islamic and 60% of them are tortured, beaten, abused and sexually abused by their masters, employers, and others. Where are the government and private institutes? Where is law residing? Are these children not citizens of Pakistan? Karachi hosts the biggest percentage of such children who leave their homes due to any reason. What is local machinery of Karachi doing? Having born at poor homes is their sin and they are being punished for it. These poor souls are crying. Is there anyone to listen to them?

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