Timelessness of Time: merely a Paradigm?

DSCN1455 (Large)Seeing the ground from a 3rd floor in a silent evening of the passing winter is echoing with the torrent of questions about time. Not go far, only 100 year ago, the place must be inhabited by the unknown souls and after 100 years from now it will be occupied by the unknown. Timelessness running on the wings of time? Travel of humans or travel of time? Time passed or the people passed away? Rotation of day and night meant all or human lives that made timeless history? Conquerors conquered or it was victory of the day? Losers left their tales or time stamped on them as losers? God gave the verdict sooner or later. Sequential or just ‘out there?’ Ontological beings died, souls did not. People passed away, the world did not. Billionaires and those in slums equalized in the court of time, in the den of history.

Sun is setting in the pendulum of west. Pheromone of every day but not pheromone of a day!  Journey of time! Journey of life!!

You are doomed to come affront the profound question of time in past, present, and future forms whether you are a poet, astrologer, mystic, or a dreamer. Apart from the definitions of quantum revolution, visible and invisible, infinity, linearity of time in the eyes of materialists, and going beyond ‘timeness’, time is before us and will always be. Everything is but to change. Birth to death is not only human life but running tale of time too. A step towards eternity. What does your intuition speak out?


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