Life is not Just to have a Bullet in Heart

In some areas of Sindh, the province of Pakistan, women are not only deprived of all human rights but they have no right to breathe even in certain circumstances. They are absolutely on the mercy of men. They are godfathers, masters of the destiny, marriages and even life of their ladies. In a state which had been liberated on the fair name of religion, and the religion which liberates women from every tyranny of men, a woman was shot dead publicly because she had been declared “Kari” (the molested) in the local language. Jirga is the local entity which is made up of the senior citizens of a village. Police and other law enforcing state organs do not function in these “No Law Areas”.
Jirga decides on all the issues whether they are political, legal, social and even religious. Religion is an elastic thing over which can be molded according to the forceful opinion of these influential elites.

The victim of Dur Muhammad Shar village of Shikarpur, Sindh was accused of being raped or doing an intentional act of mating with someone else other than her own husband. No police inquiry was conducted on the issue. No FIR was filed anywhere. Only the Jirga members of the village having no qualification or the eligibility to speak on the issue rendered their verdict and two ladies of the village were declared “Kari”. “Kari” is the word equivalent to death in the local terminology. No one wants to bear the stigma of calling his women Kari. They themselves kill them for their honor. Jirga decided to kill the two women in public and one of them was shot dead in front of the people of the village.

The news was taken up by Manzoor Wassan, the Home Minister of Sindh who suspended the Deputy Superintendent Police and SHO of the area. The IG was asked to provide a report on the sad demise. It was also reported that two women along with their children were kidnapped. But “constitution” of “Kari” does not consider the background of the problem. They did not go anywhere intentionally but were kidnapped by the Batani community of Jatoi tribe. The “Law of Kari” is blind and cannot see behind the curtain. The possible outcomes of the actions taken by the government will be as follows:

  • The SHO and DSP were restored on their previous offices after a couple of weeks.
  • Report identified the names of the culprits responsible for her death.
  • Only a few of them were penalized (while the whole of the villagers were present there to witness the penalty of the sinful)
  • No one spoke up from the family and tribe of the poor victim.
  • No one voiced out against the wrongs against Law and even religion in the Islamic Republican of Pakistan.

Te poor soul is under the earth forever. She will never come back. Her children will face the disgrace of their mother all through their life. Who will witness before the next generations to clear her innocence? Her children or the villagers? Another life sacrificed before the gods of self-made rituals and conventions. What were the meanings of life for the poor woman? Who will protest against the ritual which is the real perpetrator?

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