Eid Day through the Spectacles of Tomorrow and Yesterday

eidI am sitting in a corner of my room thinking on the Eid day of my childhood when life used to bring all joy and bliss flooded to this day. Eid cards on Eid ul Fitr from friends would make my day. Bangles of different colors enchanted me even before the day; fancy dresses made me feel proud among my peers. Seeing from 2015, it looks like dream. Streets of the village bloomed with the happiness sprouting from heart and the palms of hands feared all the night of losing color of mehndi. Chand rat would become the message of singing songs in the streets and little hands would compete the color with the little friends on the special day of the year.

But that is the tale of long time before, decades back. Under the layer of centuries. The real happiness has gone with the wind. Now the fears wave their hands from the window of tomorrow and grievances peep through the door of past. New age has witnessed incredible things. Palms do not catch the color of mehndi now; only blank lines are visible along with questions always bringing no answers. There was no bomb blast in Eid aggregations in the country. It is the biggest news of the day. There was no sectarian disintegration in the state. It is the point of solace. Joy and bliss have worn the garb of new ages and the tale of enchanting moon-night has been replaced with the realities of life.

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