Why do the American People like Hummer Car?

Hummar carLong distances are sprawled over uncountable miles before you and you are thinking over covering these miles ahead! Life is nothing but a journey, a consistent, unstoppable journey. Definitely, it looks hard to cover these distances but having Hummer in your garage is a stylish step to set on this journey. No doubt, market is replete with countless transport modes, new models, designs, and makes in cars but having a new Hummer is really romantic. Isn’t it?Weather uncertainties will turn to enjoyable rides and distances will bring a message of bliss for you. Long drive in this posh, classy, and stylish Hummer. Outstanding among cars, elite among motors, top of SUV brand, leading the posh vehicles. Travel becomes symbol of style! That is why; you like Hummer.

Hummer has undergone many ups and down in the auto market. 2010 was the worst year in its history when its sales witnessed a set back. A Chinese manufacturer announced to acquire Hummer but the bid was withdrawn in 2009. AM General, its original manufacturer could not win the bid to make the alternate of HMMWV cars for American military in 2015. Following this decline, the company worked on the civilian model of HMMWV naming it V1 Gorilla. While prior to this, being a brand of SUV and truck, AM General had marketed its civilian model first time in 1992 and in 1998, General Motors, (GM) purchased its name and introduced three vehicles: Hummer H1 following the military Humvee, H2 and H3.

Whatever happens on the sales graph of Hummer and whatever changes the manufacturers and acquirers do, it is one of the most favorite cars in America and the people like it because of the majestic drive it offers to them. Who cares for the expensive  tag when you become a brand because of a new high-speed car with a royal grace and latest model? Celebrities are not made only by the personalities; they are made by the vehicles too! Standing on the threshold of passing 2015, what do you say? Thinking on buying a new Hummer?


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