Tahir ul Qadri Protesting in the Model Town

patHype of the protest of Tahirul Qadri is on full swings in Model Town, his residential area. Dictatorship and democracy are playing hide and seek. All main entries and passages have been blocked by heavy containers and barriers while a huge number of Punjab police have been appointed to restrict the arrival and exit of the people in town. Travel of minutes has converted to hours due to these barriers. According to latest news, members of Pakistan Awami Tehreek have caught up some police constables as revenge of killing of their members few weeks before and putting barriers and containers in the model to restrict their movement. Friday and Saturday will be among the hardest days for residents of the town. Punjab police, it seems, is after a single person leaving all its responsibilities and duties aside that will ultimately lead to an increased crime rate in their respective areas. Thus one person will contribute to an inflated crime rate at least in provincial capital.

Governments of China, Japan, Korea, and others have advised their citizens to confine to their homes and restrict their outside visits as much as they can along with storing food for at least one week. This is the message we are transmitting to the world abroad. Foreign investment has already bade us good-bye calling us a ‘No Man’s Land’. Such news erupting from our four walls will aggravate the message of our failure as a government and a nation.

Internal anarchy and a ‘faceless’ scenario can provoke external enemies and internal disguised elements in four provinces of Pakistan. Army is fighting against TTP in perturbed areas while three sides of external borders are threatening with extremely (or with a little) antagonist approach. Government is engaged on many fronts while the primary concern of all political parties should be to second the government for eradicating the society from the diseases like TTP. At such a critical moment, it is highly unpatriotic to open new loopholes in the system (which is already not ideal to work fluently). A national stream is the need of the hour.

A few weeks back, more than twelve members of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (led by Tahirul Qadri) were shot dead by the provincial police and Qadri announced to protest against killings. Barriers around his place became the root cause of sad demise. Police was ordered to eliminate those barriers while the PAT members resisted. Consequently, more than a dozen people were killed.  Commemorating the dead people in Model Town was declared by Mr. Qadri and he flew to Pakistan and the story went on.

Apart from being right or wrong, happenings and counter happenings of yesterday and today have led to some burning questions. Is our system too weak to be hijacked by one person? Can one person change the whole system running since decades? Do we really need a ‘Revolution’ as Qadri pledges? Is this the right way of ‘Revolution’? Can we change the policies of ‘zero tolerance to opponent voices’? Will the chain stop here or will it go on? Who is the real player behind the game? What are the vested interests of that player?

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