Are we for Democracy or Dictatorship?

container (Large)The photo on the left is showing the people who are reaching their place ‘via’ creeping under the container due to blocked roads and passages.

Game of democracy is on. Evening is gloomy today with thoughts of those who will have surrendered (or will surrender) their lives in the clashes between administrative machinery and the people of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf led by Imran Khan who intends to lead a long march on this August 14 against the government with demand of re-election on particular seats where he claims rigging by the elected government. Dictatorship in the guise of democracy! Government has blocked all highways and cities to check the human supply to the long march. Motor cycles are being snatched from the laymen by the police department to limit or stop PTI members’ participation.

Storm of the protest of Awami Tehreek led by Tahirul Qadri has not yet pacified. People from this party are on fire. Protest, (on the killings of PAT members a few weeks back) started today, had been ‘administered’ by the government since afternoon of August 8, 2014 when hundreds of containers were put across all main passages and entering points. Freedom of speech challenged by the elected government. Government made all efforts to stop the PAT gather up in Model Town, Lahore where Minhajul Quran University became hot news after those killings. I am not advocating dictatorship but the sound of military boots sounds very near and the reason is the failure of the government to cope with multiple adversaries at the same time.

Irrespective of being right or wrong, real democracy is the name of tolerance, patience, and respecting political disagreement with opponents. Everything by the government cannot be accepted by the party/parties in power. Even they have to bear with the criticism on the constructive programs. Opponent voices are the real beauty of democracy and throughout the world they are listened and duly respected by the ruling authorities. As a matter of fact political parties with no or less power get sensitive and involve in harsh criticism on the ruling party.

But here, with us, the scene is pitiably reverse. We claim to be democratic but we are not. We are unable to tolerate any point of disagreement at government level and try to oppress any voice that does not match our tunes. This is not limited to any single political party but every authoritative party wears the cloak of kingdom after coming into power. We are streets behind of other countries in the real democracy. Modesty before elections turns to arrogant tones and the even the definition of people before elections changes to serfs and subordinates. Slogans before election hide behind lame excuses and blame shifting, an easy tactic to ‘get rid of’ the people. If someone protests, he is silenced with power. Law enforcing authorities start work as personal employees of the rulers saying yes to everything they order.

This is not of anyone ruling party. It happens in every tenure of democratic governments here. We need a lot of political maturity to tolerate differences and listening ears to take the democracy to its best. Otherwise democracy will be wrapped up in the dark blanket of dictatorship.

(Written on political hypes in Lahore in 2014)

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