Lingual Hegemony is eating the Other Languages up

lingual hegemonyHe is a boy of 4 years born with exceptional genius. His mother told me he was fond of drawing and painting. I sat by him to draw him a sketch of a bird on his note-book. After drawing it, I told him it was a ‘chidya’, an Urdu word for sparrow. ‘No, no, no. Please tell him it’s a pigeon; I haven’t taught him Urdu’, his mother apologized. ‘He studies in English medium school where Urdu is discouraged as a language. Students are not allowed to speak Urdu’, she added.

So the national language, mother language, the language of the people living around is a stigma and we are avoiding our own identity. The result would be the extinction of our own language in the years to come and we will be proud of wearing English language instead of Urdu or other regional languages in a short span, a voice murmured from my inside. Hegemony spills over through many loopholes in the national and regional architecture and the down towns are left with no option but to be drowned by the mighty invading waves. Languages fall an easy prey to the onslaught and cultures turn their face seeing the lingual change over.

Pride and sense of ownership is the only tool to safeguard any language as national, mother, and regional language. Where constitution of the state, law, speeches of the national premiers, syllabus of professional domains, and terminology cannot exist but in English, who will dream of defending Urdu as medium?

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