Generation Gap can never End

My nephew of seven years taught me how to play games on mobile and internet and I feel the new generation becomes our teacher. He corrected me on my mistakes I was doing due to lack of experience in fact lack of knowledge. Gap between his and my age has taken many turns. Travel of years becomes distance of centuries. I am feeling like my flyblown wisdom has spelled out. My demesne has timed out. My votive life is losing meanings. My brain is lagging behind and my spectacles need another optician. Yes, I am nothing but a seedy being….outdated! Yes, we are outdated people!!

Dictionary of life has been extended and expanded in many directions. Dimension have worn new meanings and connotations. Layers of seasons unfurl and furl the backstairs of life at the same time. Travel starting from the swing of tree in my courtyard has sifted the sand of consciousness, realities, and of course agonies for decades. But the journey seems to be going back especially before the fast-paced young generation of today who is far ahead of not only me but of the age too. Gaps! It scares me sometime. Where will I put myself in the shelf of future? How will I be able to say my heart? What will be my language in the coming years? Where will generation gap drag me to? My life is far different from the life pattern of my parents; how will it be different from my new generation?

Travel of generations is going on. Decades are making the worlds of difference and every generation kneels down before its children after crossing their 50 years or so.  The only solution is to reach them instead of expecting their access to us. They will not come back; we will have to approach them. Developing good terms with the next generation is the only feasible tactic otherwise we will be doomed to listen our own voices in the den of loneliness in later years. Do you agree?

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