Forest of Dodhlan is a Beautiful Natural Forest

Forest of Dodhlan

Covering more than 10,000 acres of land, the Forest of Dodhlaan is in Fort Abbas tehsil of district Bahawal nagar of Punjab. Undiscovered and even unseen, Dodhlaan forest is one of the biggest forests of the South Punjab.  Located 14 km away from Indian borders in the east, the forest fosters the oldest trees of many unique types that form up the density of the forest and night seems to be fallen even during the bright day. Travelers and wanders often forget their way back due to sand dunes travelling in short span of time. Road tracks are defined by the winds and the passengers on vehicles fall into trouble on account of de-tracking on their way. Track on their leaving is not the track to go back home. April to June is the period of astray as the fierce wind from south hits the area. Sand simply reigns over the area.

Jackals and deer are the species of the forest while the hunt of Neel Cow and Eagle is strictly forbidden, though princes from Saudi Arabia and elites from other Arab countries frequent visit this area to hunt the two species whose hunt has been seriously warned and even forbidden by the Rangers and other authorities. Anything can be done under or behind the warning boards, it means. Sand of the desert is witness to all these unfair practices Eagle is one of the most expensive and rare species that is going almost extinct in Pakistan according to a survey of WWF 28 eagles were left in Pakistan a year before and they had been imported from India to increase their production. Thus the country fighting extinction of eagles is having eagles naturally inhabiting in the forest. But we are on the edge of their extinction again under the warnings of ‘No Hunt’.

No sign boards are there to head to the forest. Except a check post on the entry, no clue is present to any dimension. Only the natives can guide tourists who go astray even under the bright sun. Four-wheel vehicles are hard to drive to the sand dunes while motor bikes are easier to drive.

People from vicinity camp there after sunset and have great time with their families. There are no dangerous or fierce animals so the families find it a safe place as resort for camping. If the Forestry Department of Pakistan makes some sincere efforts to accommodate tourists with rest houses and tourist guides, Dodhlaan forest can come up as profitable resort for locals and foreigners.

Deforestation of the forest is also going on at a great pace. Since the area is devoid of gas facility, wood is the only way to be used in cooking. Wood is being cut and the night stars witness this wood being stolen and sold by the unknown to the unknown again under and behind the sign boards saying ‘‘drakht kaatna mana hay’’(Cutting trees is forbidden’).

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