You can Earn through Blogging

laptop$30 was my first earning through blogging. It would be funny for some people but that is a fact. It was the day that made me believe that blogging was not beating about the bush but it was with a dimension and someone was monitoring me with spectacles on his/her nose. It would be very interesting to mention here that was one of those dog blogs which have pure quality of content with not even a single word copied or borrowed. And the blog was priced at $8K when its total age was one and half month. I was flying in the air that my blog would earn thousands of dollars when it reaches maturity stage. I was anticipating myself as the success story of getting highest rates from Google Adsense. But my flights had to ground due to bad weather. Google refused Adsense to me saying that my ”content” was copied. Which content? I was amazed.

Oh, dog pics had been taken from other websites on Google. How can one have pics of all 350+ dog breeds in the world? Is it possible? No. Was it the only reason? I suspected. One of my friends from USA blogging on dogs was ‘granted’ Adsense and she had taken the pics from the same ”cold storage” from where I had taken them. I could not just understand. And another thing she told me about Adsense was that she earned $25 in last five months. I was surprised to know when she was selling her blog. ”No one clicks on the adverts”, she murmured.

One day when I was thinking on the lecture on SEO by my trainer, I remembered one line of him. ”Real earning from a website or blog starts when you go away from Google” That was a silver line in the dark and I started contacting dog companies to advertise their dog products on my blog. They said yes to me and my misconceptions on blogging flew away. Now I am happy to be a proud owner of a blog with yield no matter how small it is.

I am not preaching against Google Adsense but due to some consistent issues by Black Hats, some policies have been revised and the criterion have been revised in a more strict way that sweep away even the White Hats.

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