New Chouhdary Bus Service in the Rural Areas of Punjab

new chouhdaryDon’t get surprised if you see a large bus with all its doors and windows wide open. A conductor will be hanging, in fact swinging in the entrance door hawking for the passengers to a particular direction. Spitting his paan all around, this eagle-eyed man will be observing, monitoring, and accommodating the travelers at the same time. Abuses can frequently come out of his mouth while he addresses the drivers and other administrative staff in the bus or the people involved in vouchers at the bus stop. Loud horns will be blared again and again to inform the passengers or without any reason. This is the glimpse of a bus called New Chouhdary.

Its passengers are usually locals including students, farmers, female cotton pickers, milkmen with large milk utensils of brass and silver. They are short time riders. So no one bothers to get them seated. And interestingly enough, they don’t expect to be seated. Thus, the number of standing passengers is more than double of those who are sitting. Surprising? Yes, it could be.

 Over speeding is what this unique brand boasts of. They stop on a station for more than required duration and then they gallop without even seeing right and left of them. Others have to take care of the directions and crossing when this great vehicle is on its way. New Chouhdary is not to blame.

Abusiveness on the roads and acts that are against road ethics is another salient feature of it. The staff sitting in and hanging out fosters a self-supported grudge against other buses including Daewoo, Skyways, and other air-conditioned brands on the road. The grudge is expressed in the form of not allowing the other buses to overtake even over miles. Overtaking these buses often results in breaking the side mirrors of, of course, other buses.

New Chouhdary welcomes all including cocks, hens, goats, sheep, dogs, and all other passengers other than humans. If any other animal or specie can’t board it, it is simply the matter of its size. Big size animals can’t come in. Door is small.

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