Dolls, Toys and More

11267052_10153613766015579_5630128966875584445_o“Dolls, Toys and More” by S A J Shirazi is a story of a village called Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka – typical Punjab village of 200 household that is situated 80 kilometers from Lahore on the bank of the River Ravi. How locals and countless volunteers from all over the world have worked together on the Self Help Village Project to change the village and lives of its residents? In addition to giving an overview of the Project, the travelogues section describes places of interest in the areas. Main attractions include Dipalpur, Malka Hans, Pakpattan, Satghara, Sher Garh and some more that give historic and touristy sense of the locations to general readers as well as the interested tourists.

Rural life in the village, preserved as originally as possible, is definitely interesting from the point of view of urban visitors and this has also been discussed. The book also points out to the concepts of environment friendly mud housing and appropriate technologies and how they are being developed and actually used in the village.

In addition to “Dolls, Toys and More,” S A J Shirazi has authored two books (Izhar, Ret Pe Tehreer) and translated Din Mein Charagh (Urdu) by Abbas Khan into Light Within (English). “Fine Art of Blogging” is coming out next year.

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