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Opening email inbox or right side bar of Facebook, you must have noticed the attractive stories of earning money online. There are groups, pages, blogs, websites, and even organizations that are aiming at fooling others through showing fascinating figures to those who do not know. They have made videos and presentations of say more than 20 minutes detailing how a starving young man in New Jersey became a billionaire over a few months’ time. Some of other adverts run like this:

”Mom living in Lahore is earning $3,435/month or $347/day”
”Katie shares her experience of earning billions of dollars, See the Video”
”Real Writing Jobs”
”Earn Money Online”
”Writing Jobs Online”
The procedure of these adverts and grabbing the innocent customers is very simple. They are asked to sign up and then after a welcome email, they are routed to another where they are asked to pay for the reward of billions. How funny! Billions of dollars are grown in the trees from where they are being distributed to all poor and needy just for say $68, 29, 49 etc. Once you pay them this amount, they ask for every time you sign in with your log in details given to you by them. Owners of billions need these double figure dollars from your pocket, the formula is simple. Cook up a fake story or news, support it with a video or testimonials of some fools and go ahead.

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