Chup day Wehray Nuch Faqira

DSCN1511 (Medium)Thanks to ”Kahay Shah Hussain, a Play by Khaqan Haidar Ghazi that gave vent to the inherent valleys inside. Torrents of meanings showered all around and the silence started echoing in the deserts of heart. Implications layered down somewhere shouted, reticence spoke out from all doors and windows within. Moment sprawled over centuries and centuries hid themselves behind a moment. City turned to a desert and desert ran towards a jungle and the feedback cried from a distance, ”Chup day wehray nuch Faqira”.

I wonder why these words have been introduced by lexicographers when they have no or less value. Any dictionary is sufficient to prove that we are devoid of saying. Billions of words and their interpretations but still silence is the only meaning hidden. Love is a word but we cannot encircle it, feel is a word that cannot be encompassed, pain is a word but who measures its fathoms, happiness is a word having no definition, pursuit is a word that has no face……we say it all and still unsaid reigns. Jungle into jungle!

When everyone is the king of definitions, why don’t we discard the weak clutches of lexicographers and compose our own language on the same footings of US Constitution? What is the point of borrowing these words when our individual perceptions, feels, and needs are the real interpreters? What do you say?

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