Kahay Shah Hussain: A poetic Play by Khaqan Haidar Ghazi

IMG_3364It was really refreshing, inspiring and meditative to be in Alhamra Hall Lahore in the evening of March 30, 2013. Cool breeze intertwined with the mystic wave enriched the meanings of evening. Life dates back to the 16th century and the streets of Tilla Bagga echo with the voices of Shah Hussain. Sheikh Behlol comes back from the holy places of Makkah, Madina, Iraq, and Iran and Hussain is ordered to come under the training of Shah Abdul Qadir Jilani. After visiting Data Derbar Lahore, Behlol leaves for Qila Kingran (Chiniot, Punjab).

Secrets of divinity unfurl and Hussain wears a red garb and starts singing and dancing his reveries. Hearts come affront minds and debates on Hussain’s practices become the talk of the town. Feedback of pazaib reaches Sheikh Behlol and he comes to Lahore to meet Hussain but returns to Chiniot where he dies after some time. Hussain’s ecstasy embraces with more meanings and he says good-bye to the worldly desires. Repercussion of his verses accesses the surrounding and conventional theocratic forces come forward to check him from his practices.

Criticism on Hussain gets aggravated when, at the age of 56, his eye falls on Madho Lal, an 18 years young man of Bahman tribe. Days and nights follow the footsteps of Madho and rumors of the people again raise anti-voices in the vicinity. But the travel of reverie goes on and Madho joins the divine caravan leaving all his belongings and daily practices. Hussain becomes one with Madho and names himself as Madho Lal Hussain. Hussain’s verses shake the walls of kingdom and Akbar is seen having a dialogue with Hussain but finds no pragmatic solution to hinder the later. Journey of life ends and Shah Hussain bade good-bye to the apparent world in 1008 A.H. and gets buried in Baghban Pura, Lahore. Evening comes back to March 30, 2013.

The play was well-writ and well-directed by Khaqan Haidar Ghazi, well-managed by the management, and well-performed by the performers. Each and every character did justice to his/her role in the play. Another amazing thing I noticed over there was the audience who was graceful, responding and understanding. Bravo to all of you my people!


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