Standing in the Line of CNG Station?

One of the worst news of the day is when you find that your car needs CNG re-filled. Isn’t it? Transport suffers as soon as winter comes. You think of the agony of standing in a long queue. Your car is in the middle of long line and you are waiting for your turn.  Neither you can put all worries aside and go back home nor can you bear the fatigue of long wait for gas. Between the devil and deep sea, yes. Alternate of petrol and diesel is lower in price, true (Though currently it has gone up due to fuel prices lowed by the government). But physical and mental price is much higher, you conclude sitting in your car. Long line of vehicles at station sprawled over even kilometers raises many questions in the minds of every layman.

Due to excessive consumption of gas in winter, load shedding in most of the areas of Pakistan puts people in trouble. Driving goes impossible. They cannot cook food at homes in winter. Buying food from the market is costly but they have to. There is no other option. This is the case of major cities of Pakistan. What about small cities and far off towns where no one hears the voice of people? What’s the point of warming vehicles with CNG whereas kitchens are flameless?

Fares of every transportation mode are increased on the pretext of ‘No CNG is available today’. Closed stations lead to hiring rickshaws, vans, and other mediums that grab the ‘opportunity’. Victim is the common man. Not even single elite will be found in the queue of re-fill. Have you found any?

Why were the vehicles switched to CNG when the government was unable to meet the increasing fuel need of cars and other transport? With every passing day, the number of CNG vehicles is increasing but the proportion of the production of gas sees no increment. What will be the result then? Situations will not be different even in 2015.

Government says gas freezes in the pipes resulting decreased pressure. Why does load shedding continue in summer then?

Due to no CNG available at stations, patients die because of no transport, students miss their exams, business meeting get cancelled, and all important tasks stay undone. Who calculates the opportunity cost? Who is responsible? Who cares? News will bring definitely no news this winter too.

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