Rest in Eternal Peace Salma Khan

salma-khanOpening my Facebook account this afternoon stirred me when I saw news of the death of Salma Khan, a lecturer of Literature in School of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) at University of Management & Technology (UMT) Lahore. She died in a road accident yesterday. May her soul rest in peace forever. Being from SBE (School of Business & Economics), I had no deep interaction with her but I often saw her in IPC lab actively participating in the affairs of her students.

So it was all Salma Khan! The game of breaths is over. One breath goes in and does not come out and that is all. Life ceases to be life any more. The warmth of life grows cold with the discontinuation of breaths. All what you did in your life, all what you saw around you, all what you participated in, all what you contributed to the cause of others………ends now. Jealousies upon you won’t be any more, negative comments on and about you will turn into positive homage from now. This is what we call life.! The game of breaths….!!

I am seeing you in the very left corner of IPC at UMT in the admin cabin and discussing your issues with him. You were looking really smart and beautiful that day in your white dress. Then I saw you with some of your students again in lab. I am remembering you this evening that is so heavy with a feeling of not having you any more. World will go on but you won’t be there. You are one of the two persons at UMT whom I will miss whenever I visit UMT. May Allah bless you with His forgiveness and mercy and elevate you with the highest ranks of Jannah. I love you Salma Khan.

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