Female Staff Hired in a Filling Station of Lahore

girls at filling stationFemale participation in all walks of life is increasing with every passing day. The new era of awareness has brought many changes in our society and Lahore is no exception. Girls at filling station proliferated a debate in news. The norms have taken anew. Values have been redefined according to the changing scenario at socio-cultural, educational, and economic levels in Pakistan. Stigmas of the past have been washed away. People are not reluctant to send their daughters out of home for education and jobs. This is the need of the hour. Inflation is constantly on the go. One earning hand of father, brother or husband is not enough. Why should the women not come out of home to earn then if they are capable enough? They are now seen in all domains of life. But the most striking is that one of the service stations of Lahore has hired female staff to refill vehicles. Yes, it’s innovative for the petrol pump and the ladies both. Transport area is generally not supposed to have girls doing jobs.

Of course, it’s a bold step from the owner of the station. He has knocked at the door of social values and traditions. From home to filling station is daring. There will be many who criticize his move but every new idea is not welcomed by all. If ladies are working in hospitals, teaching in educational institutes, travelling in buses as hostesses, running shops in plazas, why can’t they refill fuel tanks of vehicles? Roads of life redirected. No more exclusively male-oriented areas.

Culture does not feed and clothe any woman if she is starving due to any reason? Why shall she depend on others if she is able to work and earn? In the present day world, financial independence of female is far more important as it used to be in the past. Travel of life is not easy. Driving their own life is equally necessary for girls too. Therefore, every step towards their financial freedom should be strongly appreciated and encouraged. More than 50% of the population in 2015 cannot be sidelined stamping that they are females and they should not work. Their contribution in the national mainstream is as important as that of men.


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