Driving is an act of strong nerves

DSCN1994 (Medium)Driving can make you nervous, yes. Imagine an evening when you receive a call from a relative in a far off city saying that you have to attend an engagement.  Or it happens sometimes that you are bound to go out of city due to any emergency. You leave your home and the people and set off alone in your car and after covering half of the distance, you find you are on a desolate road. It’s almost midnight and the highway is with a very few vehicles moving beside you. Suddenly you get a feeling that another car is chasing you. In the beginning, you take it light and don’t bother. But after sometime you realize that the chase is serious. No help available. Here is where the moment of your test starts. You may feel panic. Remembering emergency numbers on the roads, but you fail to retrieve any help line digits or the like. Oh! What to do now?

You accelerate your car as much as you can but the car behind you just follows you. If you stop, the driver in it stops. If you slow down, it does the same. O no, they can be the racers who are fond of racing at night time. Traffic at nights decreases to a remarkable extent in Pakistan. So the adventurous divers can do so just for fun. A transport joke.  Relax. You need to relax your body and mind both.

Travel on a crowded road in busy timing of the day can also test your stamina. Any vehicle from any side can hit you in the populous street. Even parking places are no exception. You may have to face any unpleasant strike resulting in minor damage to your car or even minor medical problems. Such incidents are frequent in our everyday life. No one cares about them. All what you have to do at such critical time is to control your nerves and manage yourself and your car to the safe side. Keep yourself mentally alert with a strong hold on your vital signs. You can handle any unwanted situation if you are strong at nerves.

Have you experienced such incidents in your driving?

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