Book is Alive if the Readers are Alive

Book LoversOnslaughts of technology and especially information technology has dragged the young generation from the printed word to the digital world where they find themselves fit and happy. They have embraced this technology leaving the heritage of the book behind. The mob going to the libraries in the evening has shifted to the digital colony of Internet. Readers have turned themselves into viewers. Desolate libraries are waiting for the readers who would come to them and satiate their thirst for knowledge and learning. Fast pace of time has taken the youngsters away from the brick and mortar book places and they have been left with no option but to fly along with the new wave. But this devoid is not that chaotic. Reader is not all lost. He is alive even in the fast wind of technology. Book Fair of Punjab University unfolds the secret and brings the readers back to book. Yes, the book is alive and so are the book lovers.

More than 45,000 books were sold very first day of the Book Fair. Such a huge number of book lovers is a good news in an age which marks itself as the age of technology and Internet. Books are a window to the heritage of a nation which should be kept alive and transferred to the next generation. Internet and technological fields are a need of the day but mental growth of a nation is equally important. Thank you Punjab University for reviving the love of book.

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