Valentine day: Let me say I love you

IMG_2880I have a long list of those whom I want to say ‘I love you’ on this day of valentine and I want to make every day ‘valentined’ with love . And I think it is really a very small expression of what I feel for these great souls who played their vital roles in my life in their different ways. Putting everything aside let me tell you all that I love you and that is it. Whether you need me or not, I need you, that is what I know and that is more than enough for me.

As the Valentine day is approaching, a hype of audible and inaudible ‘love you’ is heard from all around and on the parallel track there are some voices who are shrieking against it and saying ‘love you’ seems to be one of the deadly sins on earth. We we are in habit of associating everything to the religion which has cruelly been made a matter of debates instead of practice. Love is in the love. We lie, backbite, steal, fraud and do all what is forbidden but we shout on the fair name of religion that it does not allow us to do this and that. We have one simple formula in our life that is ‘What we do is right whereas what others are doing, is absolutely wrong’ and let me say that we have used religion just to let down others rather than uplifting ourselves.

Saying ‘I love you’ really costs not even a single dime and we tell someone how important he or she is for us. Does it go to any sin? No, it doesn’t. I would tell the people of the world that ‘I love you’. The world which starts from my home and reaches back to my home after travelling the seven continents. My people of all continents I love you.


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