Mir Garh Fort is a Monument from Centuries

About 15 km from Fort Abbas, we come across Mir Garh Fort, a monument built centuries ago but the misfortune prevails here too as no history has been saved by the archaeological department of Pakistan. The building tells of the tale of approximately 600 years but the ravages of time and people have undermined the real picture of the fort. No guideline is available to tell the tourists. No staff has been appointed near or on the spot to safeguard the remains of bygone days. Who made it? Whom did it fortify? What were the circumstances of the area those days? No one knows. People like me go there and come back with questions having no answer.

No hotels are there to facilitate the visitors in the desert. Not even a single drop of water is there. Main gate and other doors have been stolen long ago. Roof is about to fall down. Walls are visibly poor. South Punjab is abundant in historical monuments when British ruled over the whole of India but they have badly been neglected by the archaeological department of Pakistan. After Fort Abbas and Maroat Fort, it is another monument that is being ignored by the concerned authorities who have no bell to be rung to wake them up. Perhaps they are to safeguard the history that passes only by the capitals and big cities.

Desert all around, the fort has turned to the home of addicts who find it quite peaceful place away from population or their village. It has lost its boundary wall whereas main entrance is still there telling the story of those who once fortified themselves into it. Made up of mud, high walls are critically deteriorated and are waiting for a jerk to fell down and get vanished forever. Rain will drain the history away and we will be left with no view and clue of who visited this area and made this fort. Mud will turn into sand and will soon be put on the mercy of winds.

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