Strange Shrine in the Forest of Dodhlan, Fort Abbas

IMG_0341The Forest of Dhodhlaan earns popularity on account of many novelties including the oldest trees, supernatural beings appearing late night, and rare species of peacock, deer, neel cow, and jackal. After crossing 1.5 km or so in the north of Fort Abbas city, the zig-zags lead to a
down trodden (from outside) and old shrine the details of which are unknown even to the local natives. It is the only building with a grave in a small room of 10-12 ft room. Bricks on the one-room building are from old ages but the roof seems to be built with the new age material. Seeing from a distance it is the only sign of construction even in the acres of land around.

A strange thing about the shrine in this desert is its roof that does not stand even for hours after it is completed. As soon as the roof is built, it falls down escaping the grave below. Locals have made their best to cover the grave with concrete but every time they fail and the roof makes a crevice exactly from the center soon after they leave the building. No one knows the secrets of the architecture or of the man within.

Winds of times whisper through the open doors of the building and lift the green cloth on the grave but the secret of the man within remains unfurled. Secrets of man, architectural failure or divine happening!  Who knows? In the soft breeze of evening, time murmurs in the undertone but the ears are unable to hear perhaps. Man of the gone ages or of coming times? Question echoes back with the wind……..

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