Yes I am in love

IMG_2871“Have you ever loved?”, years ago when I appeared in an interview for admission in Masters, I was asked by the interviewer. I staggered on seeing the eyes staring at me behind spectacles. Assault was unanticipated. ”No, no. Not at all”, I murmured. I thought it strange perhaps it was not relevant to the studies I was going for. Anyway, I refused to admit that I ever loved. But as soon as I came out of the interview room, I realized that I was in love in fact in deep love. I was tunneling the question of interviewer and was seeing it only in one dimension.

Now I have detailed answer to that question when I have seen love all around me from the particle to the stretch of universe, from the earth to the skies, from the chirping sparrow in my window to the giant creatures of the world, from the innocent eyes of a baby to the wrinkles of an old man, from a cosmetic-oriented body to the simple solitary reaper in fields…..all this is the beauty in my opinion I am in love with.

We have confined the word ‘love’ only to the two opposite poles of man and woman that is a ‘part’ of the ‘whole’ of love. Bounties of love in the universe are enormous and countless. Fathomless depths of seas with innumerable and unique creatures, unending dimensions in the air with flying beauty and the earth and its layers carrying secrets of the centuries in it are the breakdown of love. I am not denying human love but have you thought over it?


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